From storyboarding to idea-generation, fdm sees projects through until the client is happy. Whether it is on-site shooting up in the mountains or editing around the clock to get something out the door, we take pride in being the only set of eyes and ears you'll need.


A staple. Years back, we started as a photography based company and slowly pushed to spending more time with motion pictures due to the demand. Although most of our work is booked with moving pictures, we are always excited to slow things down with stills. Find some of that work here.


post & Animation

Beyond all of the filming and photographing, come to fdm for your editing and light animation needs. We work with a small team to ensure that our vision is true to yours with few outside variables to distract.

Equipment Rentals

We have a full line of production gear available for rental that can be viewed here. That being said, you can also rent Blake alongside this equipment. Inquire for rates.