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Butcherknife Brewing

is a brewery based out of Steamboat Springs, CO. Founded by Nate Johansing a few years back, this microbrewery stands out from the others in this rapidly growing market with its eclectic and creative beers.

Where we fit in the equation: In the midst of a website rebuild, Butcherknife Brewing was in need of new visual assets to be paired alongside their new website unveiling and revamped branding. We were asked to head to Steamboat Springs and capture a day of canning beers and touring the facility.

How we've helped: With updated photography, Butcherknife now has a refreshed and succinct look across all web platforms. We took the time to learn the history of the business and what brought them all to where they are now, and that helped us approach the shooting with a more personal and intimate feel.