FDM is

the culmination of ideas and projects of Salt Lake City, Utah based filmmaker and photographer, Blake Bekken.

Growing up in Washington state and migrating to Utah for what its landscape has to offer, Blake draws his inspiration from steep skiing, riding bikes uphill and meaningful, vulnerable conversations.

With over a decade of knowledge derived from experience and classical training from Westminster College with a degree in Multimedia Communication, Blake spearheads each project with a hands-on approach. 

Whether the idea comes from him, from client or friend, he takes each project from concept to deliverable with care. Blake is easy to work with but serious when it matters.

Reach Blake at:

email: blake@fdm.media

cell: +1 509 435 5010

instagram: @fdmmedia @blzke

photo: Sarah Hirning

photo: Sarah Hirning

photo: Bryon Friedman

photo: Bryon Friedman


Affiliated With

Soul Force One

SoulForceOne offers digital marketing services for like-minded brands focused on their environmental impact and general stoke. Not only did they build out our website, they manage all of our analytics, work as our booking agent, and help with creative direction on our shoots. From strategy to design, SoulForceOne handles most of our digital marketing needs. If you're looking for a marketing partner that truly knows how to grow an e-commerce business at a reasonable cost, check out services and clients here. 



Boundless Northwest grows the music and arts scene in the effervescent Pacific Northwest. Organizing, booking, producing and filming live music and arts events around the area, they kind of do it all when it comes to community-minded event production. Even though we are separated by a few hundred miles, we work closely with the team at Boundless NW to provide event coverage and recap photography. The ideas at Boundless take on its namesake, and we are excited to grow alongside this community-focused operation. Learn more about the Boundless vision here.